LAN Hamachi. 4 failed attempts to connect

Hi everyone,
You know why no one is able to enter in my server?
To all those who try to connect through hamachi check the error that can not connect after 4 attempts to connect …
He always worked, now you know why he is doing that thing?


Well, when making a server with hamachi, do this: the hamachi window
2. make sure everyone you want to join in on the same network
3. open garrysmod, but KEEP THE HAMACHI WINDOW OPEN
4. whoever is making the server, go to “create multiplayer”
5. make all the settings like normal, but make it a LAN server.
6. start the server
7. and then everyone should join.

If that doesn’t work, type “sv_lan 1” into the console.

I have a set of possible solutions for you.

  1. Learn English (or at least french or something.) Using online translators can severely limit the readability of your post, and therefore the accessibility to your server.
  2. Do not host a server on a pirated version of Garry’s Mod. Pirated versions suck.
  3. Use the Source Dedicated Server. It’s there for a reason you know.
  4. Give me $2500. Giving neo644 money for a dream computer and games has been known to cause servers to work.
  5. Buy the game.