LAN issues.

This has probably been posted many times before but i could find no helpful solutions at all.

My brother and I wish to play LAN over our computers. We have 2 steam accounts each with almost identical games (GMod, CS:S, All the Half-Life 2 stuff). We want to play LAN so that we can use what ever Addons we feel like without the hassel of finding a suitable server with 20 mins+ DL times.

Heres what happens. I host the server on my computer, I set all the settings, and check the Local Network Game box, I also double check ingame with the sv_lan 1. He is unable to see my server. I have researched pretty intensivly on Facepunch and the web in general, I have been unable to find anything helpful. I found some info about forwarding ports, but i’m pretty sure that is not needed for LAN games. Any help would be appreciated.

Are the two computers connected?

They are both connected to the same router, by ethernet cable.

Have you tried connecting by console using internal ip address? (192.168.x.x)

That didn’t work either, it tried to connect and then a message came up that said it gave up after 4 retries.

Edit: I opened port 27015 but it still doesnt work, tried connect IP:27015