LAN not working

I have two garrysmod accounts and have 1 logged on 1 computer and 1 logged on another. I have it connecting through a standard network hub and each computer detects the other and is able to connect fine. The problem is though that when i create a server and make sure the lan box is checked it wont connect to the server on the other computer. I tryed hosting it on each computer and connecting from both sides but they wont work. It wont detect the server in the lan list but i typed status and grabbed the ip address and manually tryed to connect typing connect “IP” but no luck still. I am really frustrated about this what do you suggest i do?


Make sure you’ve allowed the game’s ports through the firewall(s).

its not a router so theres not ports being blocked. I also have the firewalls disabled on both of the computers.

You’re inviting viruses.
Even if you can’t play any of your games online with your firewall on, having your firewalls off isn’t worth it.
Better to open the specific ports on the firewall.

Any ideas anyone?