LAN play with only one account

I am trying to play a LAN game with a friend with both of us using my account. I remember it used to work but now it complains that we are using the same account? Anyone know if it can still done?

can’t be done both of you have to have 2 different accounts to do that and again you to have to be in the same network or are neighbors and still have access to 1 anothers network

It can be done. It’s just a hell of a lot harder.

First, send one computer’s Steam installation into Offline Mode.

Second, get Steam logged in on the other machine, and send THAT into offline mode.

Have one computer (preferably the better one) host a listen server (Create Multiplayer in the menu) and the other join.

If that fails, keep trying.

That’s the only (legal) way to do it.

Yeah that didn’t work. Thanks for the idea though

insert rage against Steam here

I swear to god, there’s a way to make that work!!! >:-/

I’m sure there is

Even legally

Might require some files to temporarily be edited though

I did it for my birthday. I set up about 7 PCs in HL1/HL2DM. They all used my account. I had some issues with one or two of the PCs asking to login again every 6 minutes for a while, but somehow pushed that out. I only had that Issue with HL2DM. (HL2 DM wasn’t much of a hit though, and I knew that HL1 was outdated to my friends (not me :P), so I was lucky i put Star Trek Bridge Commander on them too- Even the star wars people liked it, big hit!)

Back on topic:
Also, I did the same with GMOD 10 about 1.5 years ago, but with only 2 PCs. It works, but not like a charm. You can’t join dedicated servers even in LAN mode(server that is). IT HAS TO BE LISTEN!

Yeah that was 2 years ago…they recently changed shit around so you can’t do that