Lan Server Admin and LUA File Limit

This is probably a very noobish problem, but every time I create a local 2-Player server (through single player menu), the game doesn’t recognize me as an Admin. I already edited the users.txt with my nick and Unique ID, and I can change certain options like God Mode, Limits and enable NoClip, but all the addons say that I am not an Admin, and a lot of options are locked. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, I have another question. I thought that the lua file limit was removed, but after mounting a lot of addons, my game started crashing every time I try to load a map. I thought that it could be some kind of incompatibility between addons, or some outdated addon causing problems. But after a bit of experimentation, I realized that the problem is the amount of addons mounted. So the limit is still there, but now it doesn’t spam the console, it just crashes. Do anyone knows whats the lua limit now? and is there a way to know the number of lua files loaded?

Lua file limit is 2048 files.

I still don’t see the point in the new LUA file limit, I guess it’s an unavoidable programming limitation, but it wasn’t there in old Gmod versions. Also, 2048 don’t seems to be enough for me (and many people), I hope it gets removed some day. Anyway, thanks for replying. I solved the admin problem by installing ASSMOD and claiming ownership. So this thread is SOLVED.