LAN Server. How do I make one?

Tried making a LAN server, linking two of my PC’s together over the network. They each have their own copy of Gmod, no offline mode nonsense. The second PC just can’t see my game.

Is there a way to get the second PC to see my game? Aside from forwarding ports.

You can try using hamachi. My friends and I used it to play on a LAN server before.

Eh, thanks for the suggestion, but I personally dislike it.

Anything else?

goto the console by pressing “`” which is the key to the left of “0” and type into the console: connect [ip address or computer name]


You shouldn’t need to forward ports if they are in the same network. You should only need to allow the game through the computer’s firewall.

Don’t sign your posts. and that also won’t work if he’s trying to play lan without forwarded ports.

Why not?

I agree with the IP idea.

@No1Stoney: because it’s a waste since we can obviously see who posted.

I tried using the connect command. Unfortunately, it does not work.

Maybe I just need to allow it through firewall’s and whatnot. Lemme check it out.