LAN server restricted to local clients (Error Class C) with Hamachi.

So me and my friend have a hamachi server so we can play together, I’ve been doing this for years now. Just recently I’ve been getting an error saying… well… the title of this thread. Any fixes? The host has a Mac, and I’ve got a PC, if it’s any help.

Your Hamachi IP’s are not in the same range.

Any way to fix this?

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Also, his IP is
Mine is the same, but with 67 instead of 105

In that case it should work.

Here’s how IP classes work. (I think).

 A   B   C   D

For Hamachi to work with source servers, your Class C needs to be in the same range. Judging by what you said, you both have .70. for Class C, so in theory it should work just fine.

I don’t know much about Hamachi, so don’t take what I’m saying as the truth. Hopefully someone with more knowledge replies.