LAN Server - Workshop Collection or download.lua

Hey there,

I saw some threads about this topic but I think there were some mistakes.
Now I have to ask again, if I understood it right.

First of all the environment:
I have a local Gmod Server in my network (LAN), so it’s only for my private network and not online.

In the past I added all the addons I needed to my workshop collection and mounted this in the startServer.bat with host_workshop_collection …
But if I try this with larger addons, the console just stops and says download failed.
So than I mounted them with the download.lua in the lua/autorun/server file with the resource.AddWorkshop(“xxxxxxxx”) - nameoftheaddon
Before I did that, I have to download the files inside my client Gmod and then extract them with the GmadExtractor and copy them to the addons or maps (it depends) folder.
The problem is that the server checks now ALL addons and it costs a little amount of time with 50 addons.

In another post I read that I need to add the addons in the workshop collection as well as in the download.lua file but that was simple wrong, because with huge files (e.g. maps) the game tries to
download the files and than says download failed.

Did I understand it right, that for small Addons I need to add them to the collection and for larger to the download.lua.
Larger Addons I even have to add manually to the server and smaller have to be in the collection?

I am a bit confused and I hope you guys can explain in to me.


Then why do you need content to be downloaded to clients?

For a LAN Party which takes part in my Local Area Network.
Downloading via Workshop is ok but thats enough. I like to do as much as possible via the LAN.

The workshop collection is for your server to have the content.
The lua file with addworkshop is for the clients to download the same content.

If you’re running a lan only server, I would suggest downloading all the addons you need, extract them and then host them on a local web server. (you would still need to set up fastdl though)

Ah ok. But the thing is:

If I add them all manually (and add the addworkshop strings in the download.lua), the server checks every single file at every map change or mode change.

But If I have them in the workshop collection and a map isn’t needed, it won’t be downloaded, which makes the joining progress a lot faster.
Is a local web server really faster?
Or do I have the same “checking all the addons every map change/ restart”-thing?**

Right now, I have one part (the part which contains only small amounts of data) in the workshop collection and the other part (with is to big and ends in the console with “download failed”) in the download.lua (I added them manually with the gmad extractor)