Lancer secured, lets move it out!

Was listening to this while doing it:

Just wanted to make a sort of “Prototype” ish scene. Just JFK being loaded into an armored personel carrier being escorted by an Abrams and a Humvee. <---- bigger version if you are interested.

Dusty’s version is soooo much better:


The blurring is kind of random.

The focal point was JFK, so I just set the Super DOf to focus mainly on him and some of the surroundings.

Dat ass.

Which one?

The way they get into the BTR is kinda funny. :v:

Its an XA-180 Amphibious Armored Personel Carrier from Estonia. Also featured in L4D.

It is a very cramped vehicle. SO they have to sort of bend over to get in.