Land mines and turrets not working???

  1. I am not ale to place land mines. They turn blue as if they are able to be placed, but when you click the mouse button a message pops up saying you are too far away?

  2. Auto turrets do not work. I can walk right up to one and nothing happens, other plays say the same thing, the are not shooting.

They made the land mine placing area a lot shorter, so you have to place it closer to yourself, I think they shortened it to 4 metres or something.

Sentry turrets have been bugged for 2 weeks now, not sure if it will be fixed with the update today though.

No, still not able to place land mines at all. Does not mater if it is right at your feet etc.

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actually I can place land mines now…:slight_smile:

Have not check turrets yet, as some one broke in and destroyed the turrets that I had.