Land navigation and map crafting

What you guys think about making players learn how to read the stars and constellation? I think i read someone posting about it a month ago but i cant find the post to see peoples reaction to that question.
And what about giving the player the option to create maps of the land instead of being able to just press M and look at it (yeah i know, 1 week after the game is out there will be a map on one of the wikki) But, :smile: , creating a map can be more technical, like you have to add every feature to it yourself, giving players the option of adding mountains, rivers, swamps, abandoned city’s or buildings, their favorite hunting or gathering area, even player created structures and bases marked as “stay away” or " next "target. Knowing that each server will have different areas filled with players and their structures this idea will come in handy IMO.

if someone had this idea and have their link please post it here, i wish to read about it.

There are loads of maps available online as it is is a good example and i don’t see many players drawing there own map with inaccuracies when they could just look online. That said the map isn’t really even big enough to get lost in, well the playable bit anyway and wont take players long to learn.

Also if you want to draw a map you could use a pen and paper in real life

I think using charcoal and paper to sketch a rough map would be a really neat feature personally. I know i could find a map online, but we have to make everything in this game, why not our own maps?

plus you could personalise it with annotations as you would in real life, ie. to remind yourself of valuable and quiet resource locations, good hidey holes, stash locations etc =] great idea!

Exactly what i had in mind, there no fun on learning to survive and making your equipment to do so if you just look for everything on the internet.

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i agree, keeping record of all the good and bad areas you can find varies from server to server. Not all the quiet resource location will be the same and keeping your stash hidden all across the map can help when you are traveling away form your main base. A personal in-game map will facilitate keeping track of all of this.

thanks for the feed back.

Maybe lootable? someone steals your map with other players locations, hidden caches, your own base. might be an interesting little addition.

id love to see some kind of map, or note taking in the game. Make a use of that paper. The thing doesnt have to be GIS accurate but even just a rough map of mountains and roads would be good

Yep. That could actually make for some interesting gameplay.

You could have a fake stash location on your map (a trap if people kill you). They kill you, go to your stash location, you kill them back and steal their loot.

haha i’d like that element to the gameplay …add that on the more survival based servers over the gun-toting ones and I’d be a happy camper