Land of Hope and Gorly - 7hr War shot + Afgan Bonus

Don’t ask what the hell’s happening to the guy on the left… I was going to do the standard Hunter dissolve effect, but I got… Disstracted.

(Probally should have edited a few tracers around the place to liven things up).

And bonus (Which I really don’t think desereved it’s own thread, mainly due to the half arsed blurring):

I don’t think they’d be standing that close to each other in the second picture. Still, they’re both decent.

First pic: Freaky alien weaponry killing a dude is cool, just wishing the effect was better.
Second pic: Ahh, that blur. Looks like they’re running at 80 mph.

Way too high contrast in the first picture. Random blur in the second.

Hi IDOTS :smiley:

Must have Lightweight and Marathon Perks.