[Land Of Rust] Halfcraft|NoDura|Wipe7/10|TP|SetHome|PVP|20+Airdrops|KitStarter|ActiveAdm ins|NoAbuse|

Welcome to ‘Land Of Rust’! [Rust Essentials]


  • TP
  • Halfcraft
  • FPS+
  • StarterKit
  • NoDura
  • Active Admins
  • No Abuse
  • Custom Anti Hack
  • DDOS Protection
  • Groups
  • 20+ Airdrops [24 Hours Post Wipe]
  • Stats
  • Much More!

VERY Useful Commands

  • /tpa [PLAYER]
  • /stats
  • /kit starter
  • /addfriend [PLAYER]
  • /removefriend [PLAYER]
  • /friends
  • /pm [PLAYER] [MSG]
  • /share [NAME]
  • /unshare [NAME]
  • /ping
  • /fps
  • /players
  • /location

We welcome ALL of our players [EXCEPT HACKERS] to join us! We are a great community of friendly gamer’s and we want nothing but to create an environment for you and your friends to play rust!

Step One - Press F1
Step Two - Paste This [net.connect]
Step Three - Press Enter
Step Four - /kit starter

Leave A Positive Comment For A Special In Game Reward :wink:

We will be having an arena event tonight! JOIN ALL! Teams Of Two! Great Rewards!

We are running rust essentials! Magma was very buggy so we decided to switch!