Land of The Gods

Warning: big image (“poster 3” was used)

I. Hear. A. Sound

Just realized I made Queen Grotesquerie a tad bigger than she’s supposed to be but I rather like how this turned out.

EDIT: Just remembered there’s actually audio of this part of the game from Tokyo’s point of view that was on the audio drama CD that came with Grimoire Nier. Giant naked woman comes out of a portal over Tokyo and lands on Shinjuku, followed by a dragon and then they have the world’s most high-stakes rhythm battle. Then everyone catches magic AIDS because breating dead god dust is really, really bad for your health and may or may not turn you into a pillar of salt and/or an angry magic salt zombie. Gotta love Cavia.

thats me every monday morning

If you used poster 3, I’d scale down the size of the image. I like the image and idea behind it, it’s nice.

I wasn’t even going to render it out as a poster but I felt like 1920x1080 didn’t do it justice given the scale, and I ended up losing a lot of fine detail (the dragon and its rider mostly)