Land Raider in the Morning

soz for the aliasing

compositionally its pretty crap but im satisfied with the atmosphere

“To battle, my brothers!”

Sexy as always, love the light coming out of the Raider.

I love the smell of it.

10/10 would bang.

almost named the thread “Promethium in the Morning” but that would have been too obscure-sounding

Very atmospheric! Great as always

God damn I miss Warhammer 40K. I just met up with my childhood pen-and-paper and tabletop buddies. Still have our stuff.


is that a hive city on the left?

The 2d silhouette of the tower in the background looks a little bit flat and misfit, even with the environmental fog I think you should still be able to make out a little bit more detail than just the outline. Overall tone, atmosphere, lighting, and effects are all very nice. In particular I think the red light from inside the vehicle looks wicked.

The main critique besides the tower is that it feels like it’s only the action visible that’s occurring, it seems like a stretch to imagine more personnel elsewhere, but perhaps that’s intentional and it’s just a lone group assaulting the tower? Otherwise I assume adding some more figures, vehicles, and aircraft in the distance would have sold it.

i tried and it looked even worse. i suck at drawing unfortunately. i would have built the thing in-game if i could have

the idea was to have these dudes as a smaller force flanking the main battle going on far away. i thought of adding some more aircraft in the distance, to create an illusion of a big battle at least building up, but the stuff i already had on screen was already pushing the limits of my computer (just rendering the Land Raider took a toll on my framerate). that’s also why i had to roughly draw and photoshop the landscape, which feels like unfair bullshit because i know in-game ground scenery would have looked tons better, i just couldn’t do it with these hardware limitations. the original, full plan for the background was to have the hills full of trenches, smashed bunkers and tank traps, to give the viewer the idea that something already went down here and then moved on further ahead, but i overestimated the capabilities of my laptop again.

it is

Love me some dakka dakka in the morning

Awesome work man

The last guy in the left has somehow an awkward pose… But the rest looks really good, i love the atmosphere


i really wanted to write “Hail Joazzz!” i really wanted … but this pic doesn’t let me.
i’ve seen better stuff from you.

i bet you will get back in shape.

lets see you make your amazing large scale all in-game scenes with a shit office laptop

this is pretty much the best i can do at this point and there wont be much improvement until i have a gaming desktop. which, lets face it, will never happen! ive been at the top already and now the only way is back down. i don’t need to hear condescending bullshit like “youve done better and im very disappointed”, i need to know how i can do better with the level of technology i have to work with. Biscuit Boy gave solid advice and i need more of that stuff

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and before you say my other recent pics have been better, dont. theyve all been the same stuff but just covered in shiny effects

keep calm.
the only two ways to improve from here on is either somehow getting more potent hardware or use even more gimp/ps.
with it in mind that’s been done on a pc with less power THEN it is impressive. of course.
the only constructive critique i can give right now:
try to focus on smaller scenes then. more stuff in less wide areas for more details (as much as the pc allows it).


you know it’s pretty odd to get an overly positive “i love everything” reply like this from an experienced guy like you right after other experienced users pointed out some pretty clear flaws in the pic

shhhh don’t attract the screenshot mafia, the first rule of screenshot mafia is don’t talk about screenshot mafia :tinfoil:


You wouldnt want to have a little accident happen to your screenshot wouldnt you?