Land Rover

Are there any good land rover models? i’m looking for this one

There is one that looks exactly like that in TF2. Plus, TDM made a new range rover in his cars pack.

Range Rover and Land rover are 2 different things and the Tf2 one is shite.

The NATO D90 from WiC?

It’s not a land rover (I think, i’m unsure.) but it’s relatively close:

It’s a start, people have ported from WiC before so yeah.

A land Rover Defender Series? We had one a while back in one of the big car packs, but it was broke as hell. Decent model for scenery and map-building, but not so for driving. I’ll see what I can do about modeling one: I’ve been kinda wanting to model one myself for a while now, after seeing them in Uncharted. Keep in mind it’s going to take a while IF I do get to making one. I’ve got several other vehicles at various stages in the pipeline right now.

ARMA 2 has one and afaik PR BF2 has it as well

Arma 2 can’t be ported from, not unless you want to deal with Bohemia Interactive and their attitude towards anyone porting from their games.

What about battlefield 2 then?

To my knowledge, porting from BF2 is fine. There’s a few props and such on somewhere that were ported from BF2, so it should be fine to port from if the model is in the game.