Land warrier squad is moving into basement.

plz talk about picture, not models.

I very much love the picture and models :stuck_out_tongue: I dislike the missles coming from the blackhawk though, wait are they missles or flares? If missles then they are coming from nowhere if flares that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:
Models are pretty badass, especially the one with the mini gun. What game are they from?

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great shading and lighting

they are flares. :slight_smile: you can see SAM missle next to left flare.

Posing is good, but that goes without saying. I take it from the guy rocking an M134 that this is meant to be comically overdone and not totally realistic, so I’ll hold off on complaining about that and the fact that the PEQ beam is visible; on the other hand, your flares need work. They see a bit too dim/yellow and the smoke is too dense. Once it starts to cone out like that, it dissipates very fast.

One last thing - brown. A different colour (perhaps red or orange, maybe blue) would’ve made this a *lot *better visually.

Im gonna talk about the models anyway. And im gonna say they are really good.

Anyway, picture is nice, awesome posing, nice laser, missiles/flares, and yeah.
Pretty awesome pic overall.

E and O are pretty far away from each other on the keyboard, literally.

I like it.


I like the posing, but other than that it’s alright.


It’s pretty nice, with good quality and a nice dose of action.

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Not totally sure but I think MW2.

Posing is good.
I like the searchlights and the fact that you threw a lefthanded guy in there.


These models are nice too, (fuck I disobeyed the OP). The posing is nice and the special effects are nice also. Nice rim lighting also!

Nice picture. I don’t quite get the spotlights, but whatever.

nice picture looks pro!
those guys are awsome! are they ever going to be released?

Awesome. Love the guy with the 249.

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