Land wipe this thursday?

I’ve seen conjecture that the land is going to be reset because of the terrain updates but I haven’t seen it confirmed once way or the other. Does anyone know if we’re going to be looking at brand new islands on the procedural vanilla servers come the wipe on thursday?

Yes. We wipe. Whether servers keep the same seed or not is up to the server owner. And whether the same seed generates the same map or not depends on what changes come out of the new procgen10 engine.

For future reference, the forced map wipes occur on the first Thursday of every month.

Yea, I wasn’t so much asking about the wipe, as I was about if the map will change, even if it is using the same seed, based on the new procgen10 engine

Our server had the same seed over 4 iterations of procgen. While the general layout of the map was the same, there were enough differences in terrain, monument / rad town placement, etc each time to make it feel like a fresh map.

Indeed. I remember the change from Procgen 8 to 9, the server I played on used the same server seed. I checked the online map to find myself a good nice territory, and I was able to go across half the map, even though I was slightly confused about things as airfield being in the wrong place and some lakes missing. Overall the map changes are quite slight, if using the same seed, as Crunchmeister said.

The changes were so drastic between procgen 6 and 7 that I didn’t even realize it was the same map until we wiped for procgen 8. The terrain differences between 7 and 8 weren’t as drastic as the difference between 6 and 7. This last wipe, the server owner put in a fresh seed. So I’m actually looking forward to seeing how much the map changes this time.