Landing at HTX-43 - Colonization part 2, unloading the ship (scenebuild)

Part 2! Nothing impressive. Couldn’t find any good theme music though. :saddowns:


Other angle (I use waaaay too many doors, though their shapes are easy to work with):

Part 1:

Pretty awesome, A lot of details, but maybe the rebels and the ship are too different I don’t know really I can’t put it into words :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, the rebels are too…normal. The ship is too 60’s spaceship.

lol, Afronauts in space ;D

I like how the man is giving the instructions while the women carry the heavy box.

Okay, THAT made me laugh.

Civilians, but I see what you mean.

Updated the screenshot though, fixed small things.


Really not intended :v: