"Landing at Ia Drang" 'Nam 1965


I saw the film “We were soldiers” yesterday. It was too amazing for not being worth a screen :v: .

Original :


I like it alot actually, the only thing that bothers me is how the pilot seems to not care at all.

Maybe that’s because he’s generally doing what pilots do and flying away?

could use some shadows

My computer can’t handle shadows. And I am unable to make them with GIMP.

What actually bothers me the most is the guy at the far right is running into his fellow mans line of fire. I’m not sure if that was intentional or you just didn’t notice it. But other then that, looks decent.


Fit my flashback.

“Any of you sons 'a bitches calls me grandpa, I’ll kill you.”

Cool work, it just always pains me to see the M16A2 used in Vietnam poses.