Landmarks an actual use Change/Remove Airdrop Mechanics

Airdrops and Satellites:
Airdrops do not make sense in this game.

Instead of airdrops lets make Air Vehicles fly over the island randomly.

These air vehicles will also be able to be taken down using the Satellite Landmark, it scrambles their instruments and causes them to crash. Whoever gets to the crash sight can salvage it, but it takes time to get everything.

New equipment can be introduced this way, and it is more of an event then an airdrop that has a blood packet and some hide boots in it and is gone in 30 seconds.

Ships and Lighthouses

Introduce passing ships to the game, like the air vehicles above these come randomly and they can be crashed using the lighthouse landmark, players can use rafts/boats and other equipment to salvage the wreckage which takes time.

Water Tower and Flooding

Allow the water tower to be activated every now and then and cause a flood.

** Sierra Army Depot **

An Army depot guarded by Robots / Turrets This depot would be multiple stories/levels bunker style and the deeper you go the more dangerous it is but also the better tech you have a chance to find.

** The Glow **

A Radiation Danger zone Bunker/Vault that is multiple levels deep and the deeper you go the more radiation and dangerous traps/guards/mutants w/e are down inside, but also different and interesting loot/blueprints/equips etc.

** Remove Barrel hunting, Make the Workbench give Crafting Buff and make it so Blueprints can only be studied at a Workbench**

Why don’t airdrops make sense? They could be drones from an automated resupply station.

Why and who are flying air vehicles (you mean planes?) around in a post-apocalyptic world?

Why does the lighthouse crash ships? This makes no sense.

How does the water tower work/refill if there’s no power to pump water to it? Why does it cause a flood?

Buildings with guards would be cool, and more complex rad areas too. Check out the Rust Trello board. You’ll see some of what you’re talking about on there. The rest of what you’re demanding, well it seems out of sync with what the game is.

he doesnt explain it, but im guessing you know what light houses where used for

Are you really that unimaginative, that you have to steal location concepts from Fallout, and not even bother changing the names?

But I digress: I would like to see more dynamic gameplay when it comes to landmarks. Although most of your ideas do not make much sense to me (how, exactly, would you get a ship to crash, just because you are in a lighthouse?)

Yes, except since this seems to be a post apocalyptic world so I’m not sure why a lighthouse would still be functional, why ships are still sailing around, and why if a ship was it would sail close to Rust island - a place filled with murderous bastards wielding guns and explosives. And, why the ship would continue sailing towards the lighthouse if it turned off instead of changing course and completely avoiding the island.

The biggest issue I have is that most of these ideas assume the world outside of the island is thriving. To me the concepts and ideas point to a world where civilization is mostly dead.

Also, if we were to go with the theory that the world outside of Rust island is thriving, then why would ships and “flying vehicles” be traveling so close to the island? Seems to me that there would be a large off-limits area for commercial and citizen owned craft.

According to your logic then there should not be air-drops then. I’ve seen the planes. They are planes not airdrones. And how would airdrones get refueled? How would they receive those big ass crates to drop? Who would be loading these crates up several times a day.

You kinda contradict yourself.

I’m really not interested in the OP’s ideas tbh. I just think your responses are a bit skewed. I gather the OP just wants something more interesting to do while playing. I get that.

Technically speaking, it is a satellite dish, not a satellite.

Maybe, but I can explain my ideas in much more detail with lots of logical reasons, but then maybe he could do the same. However, then we would just be a couple of fanboys arguing over whose overly complicated reasons for something are better than the other person’s overly complicated reasons. Which just makes us really geeky.

So, with that said, I just don’t like his ideas or the way he demands the developers change things to what he thinks would be better.

I figured landmakrs could be activators that trigger events, these events would be resources that are fought over, giving more meaning to territory control/endgame.

The lighthouse could maybe be on by default and turning it off could cause ships to crash, or perhaps fixing the lighthouse would result in an event.

I am not a fan of the random airdrops, they are over way to quickly to be a good event, usually whoever is in the area gets it and runs away quickly and there is no chance for fun.

Yes I took names directly from fallout 1/2 these are good examples of things that worked well for that game, and could be tweaked/inspiration for this game.

Edit , Maybe instead of airdrops we just had to salvage the plane wreckage, or perhaps if we have to have airdrops make them not open right when it touches ground, make them locked for 60 seconds or needed to be bashed open.

I do think more events would be cool. I’m fine with the airdrops as long as they eventually add other things. And to be honest I don’t even go for the airdrops for the reasons you said unless it drops right on top of me or I have a few people with me.

I really like this kind of ideas, i know that many people didn’t want to see robots in Rust, but it make sense much more postapocalyptic, than zombie as i think…
I imagine something like this video (enable english subtitles) if talk about airdrop, or some of this guys, or ships, etc…