Landmass power armour

Decided to workshop up an old addon of mine. Release pictures are a courtesy of xanatoast. It’s basically a bunch of headless power armoured suits

Click icon to get to the workshop page

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Reminds me of the MEC from XCOM.


some texture wizard should give this a high-res reskin

Not sure what you were trying to do with the OP Wraith but aside from that it’s a solid release!

I tried and dishonored my family in the process.[/t] [t]

Also used Photoshop to make some bullshit normal maps.

Will you release the model for SFM?

and here i was thinking of appleseed.

Sure, I can just zip the pack up. Just don’t expect fancy stuff like IK from me.

sorry kinda forgot.

If you want the compiled files by themselves, here they are.

Like I’ve said, it ought to work, but as far as IK and similar things go, I have no clue how it works in SFM. Someone else would have to do it. If they do, I’ll happily add it to the pack.


Nice Armor, Excelents Bones in This Ragdolls