Landmine -WWII

Looking over my own comic, I believe I should of included more action and less gay. There will be more comics like this but with different themes. (Space, hl2, modern, that sort of shit.)

Hey jerry

Nice posing and stuff, but no faceposing kinda ruins it.

I don’t get the story line, at the 4th picture he kills his friend because of his weapon?

If you watch closely, you can see a weapon laying next to the dead body on the 4th picture…

But it’s awesome!

There is no story line, I just made stuff up as I went along.

‘Jerry’ was a slang word used for Germans. He was an American soldier, and he killed a German soldier.

I laughed at this

I Lol’d.

I must have read it the wrong way. :[

What are your settings! I put mine on high, and it looks nothing compared to you!