Language suggestion/question

Hi Guys
I write this in English so everyone can understand it.
As a Swiss, I think that it would be great if we could add “swiss-german” to the languages. But why add swiss-german you already have German? Because swiss-german is very different to German. Most of Fhe Germans don’t understand what we’re saying.

And Pirate speak is also in, why not add swiss-german, for a foreigner it’s fun to listen/read it I think :wink:
But the main reason is simply that we from Switzerland would love to have our own language in Rust :smiley:

What does the community think? Cool idea or just unnecessary because we got German?

Greetings from Switzerland to everyone and I hope my Swiss friends support me :dance:

Swiss german has way too many dialects. you could also go and translate everything into austrian, bavarian, berlin and all the other dialects… is it worth the hassle?

Well if this becomes a thing I’d contribute to the basel dialect

wish i could find the thread, but a while back garry gave a weblink to the community to make some translation sets, and ended up with lots of good feedback, and even the pirate set being submitted.

unfortunately the whole facepunch forum had a revamp and a lot of the subforums were archived. still accessible if you know the html address but i can’t remember what area it was in. possibly a devblog thread? hope that gives you some direction, and maybe someone else will be able to find it for you:)

You mean this?

Hehe. I would go for Zurich or Aargau dialect or just a dialect from the very north cantons. They sound similar to German. But please not the Valais dialect, I don’t even understand everything they speak :smiley:

Too bad nobody actually cares about the translation stuff, look at the bad German translations on this site… There’s a ton of stuff with the worst grammar mistakes that gets upvoted and five different words for the same thing being used. How could we add dialects if not even the main language is properly done? :frowning: