Lanterns being held and used as melee.

I remember a long ass time ago, Minh Le put in one of the dev blogs a video of a lantern animation that showed the player swinging the lantern and hitting something. I think this would be cool and here’s how it should go:
-Make people able to hold the lantern and use it to light the way.
-Hitting someone with the lantern will set them on fire. Maybe set some other things on fire.
-Once you hit someone with the lantern, it breaks.
-Lanterns cost some resources
-What if there was a sick animation for placing it on a table (idk I’d really like that)
Tell me your thoughts on this. I’d love to see it.

I want to throw lanterns in open windows.

Wood be better if lanterns worked on low grade fuel instead of wood.

Or even both, one with a slower burn rate than the other. I’m unsure how you’d balance that (comparing one fuel source to another for value or worth) but make it so in the end it’s cheaper to use Low Grade Fuel.