Lantern's fuel should be .. low grade fuel, not logs

Lantern’s fuel should be … low grade fuel, not logs. I think this needs to change for more realism (and balancing, because who else is stockpiling that low grade fuel ? :P)

Ever tried to ram 1000 logs in a 30cm lantern? lol

True. Seems like an easy fix, too.

But people complain it was too expensive, they changed it too wood.

woot? are you serious? Its so easy to make :stuck_out_tongue:

It could be Low Grade Fuel, but make it last longer per fuel unit, that was the problem.

Yeah cloth + animal fat just for light? Seems pricey even though it makes sense. Though right now fuel is something I have tons of thanks to all the wolves/bears.

Def should switch it to fuel though, and just make it last longer. Is light really that much of a luxury? I should be able to have a lantern that lasts 24hrs at least!

why does low grade fuel need cloth anyway? just have it like ores, processed fat with reduced yield:)

Fuel for lanterns makes sense.

What I want is a easier way to get light in my house. Lamps crafted out of stone cloth and animalfat I say. Who want?

“70,000 BC A hollow rock, shell, or other natural found object was filled with moss or a similar material that was soaked in animal fat and ignited.”