Just wondering if we could get some refillable lanterns to see at night. With the low quality fuel we would be able to refill them and use any excessive animal fat and cloth.

  • Made from low quality fuel + Metal shards
  • Fuel ether low quality or charcoal
  • Lights a 3x3 foundation area like the flares
    -1 stack of fuel lasts 1 or 2 nights before refilling.

Anyone else want to tweak this idea?

I see people achieve this with campfires for street lights, though I’d like to see actual lanterns/placeable torches come to fruition. In the meantime, campfires do the trick.

Seems like something that would be very helpful.

Keep in mind that you can craft Torches if you ever run out.

In the future please use the Rust Suggestions forum if you have any game suggestions, thanks.

I’d love to see this.

Thanks, just now saw the sub forum section. Kind of blends in.

id like to see some kind of wall mount lighting, latern hooks perhaps or torch holders. I like the idea just to add variety to things