LAPD police officer

Hi guys, I would like to know if any of you know where I can find some good LAPD police officers . I know there are some LSPD dudes on the workshop but they lack the basic features for posing and are from the console version.

have you tried minimole’s LAPD dudes?

Yeah I already have them but I would prefer some higher-res models.

Maybe if someone could hack some proper heads into these and change a little bit theyr skins, they could be helpful


Don’t those not even have normals?

Those officers are from the console version of GTA so yeah they might not have normals. But it’s possible to rip from GTA 5 PC so there’s a chance that someone can rip the police officers with all their textures.

I think there is a program for pc called OpenIV that allows people to extract and manipulate models/textures in the games directory. There is a website too that host various custom models for it too here

If you can’t get anyone to rip the models for you and request them I will do it for you later. Goodluck!

The city ones are from the PC game, the rest don’t, wich looks pretty bad comparing it to the city cops