Laptopmans blend texture pack

I decided to make a pack of blend textures that would enable mappers to make better custom maps that have large areas of open terrain.
It has two starting textures, and then seven textures branching off.
It goes grass, sparse grass, dead grass, gravel, rock, snowy rock, snow
:siren:They aren’t very good textures, but they are easily replaced, and should be. this is more of a vmt template. :siren:
If you use them in your map please credit me.

They’re very repetitive.

As i said, its more of a template.
People should replace these textures with their own, less repetitive textures
If you had read the whole thing, you would know that.

Well, why release them if they’re going to be replaced? If people replace these exactly like yours, they’re going to be repetitive too.

Because, most people dont get that you can make a map look a lot better if you have more than one blend texture.
I probably should not have put this in the releases section, but oh well

the textures are very repetitive but good job on making them blend i guess.


Every one, even the default ones! The idea is you MIX SEVERAL TOGETHER so that they DON’T REPEAT. FUUUUCKING MORONS.

Get out.

Im not going to use them but umm… not bad at all



I agree with kp3…


This is pretty cool

I think these are a great help towards the community, especially for people with zero knowledge of blending textures.

Thank very much for this release.

wait a minute, i thought you could only blend two textures on one brush, not seven?!

Seven brushes :smiley:

Yeah, they’re really well blended. Pretty much flawless.

unfortunatley you have to use your own textures