Laptopmans Colony pack re-release

Well, I finally got back the ability to upload to, and remembered these babys. So, I decided to rezip them with all the proper textures and stuff and repost this as if it was new.[release][tab]Version[/tab]2
[tab]Description[/tab]Two maps for building contraptions

Looks cool. Downloading them.

Hmph. Interesting idea.

They look pretty well made.

the idea was mine but when i tried puting it into a map, it was crap.
but lets not go there.

yes, lets not.
because it wasnt

Oh gee, you came up with the idea of a bunch of floating circles on your own?? :rolleyes:

reminds me of a map in Starwars Battle front =.=

Time to build my FLYING MACHINES!

How do you even use downloads

You put it in the map folder?!

looks a lil bit like the flying city in the star wars movie :smiley:


Bespin Platforms from Star Wars Battlefront, the original by the way. That’s not only what they said in the news on Garry’s, but that map could be recognized easily for a Star Wars fan, like me. Those bridges are exactly the same. The platforms are too. Only difference is that Bespin Platforms is twice that size (literally, the other side is exactly the same). Downloading cause I’m a S.W. Battlefront player. Looks awesome.

Looks cool. Looks pretty good for a map for one of those sassilization games.

whats so great about it?
i dont really find any good uses out of this…


this map would be good with war melons


the point is so you can build and test fly thing or boats

Nice idea. Just different enough to be fun to use.

Lol… @voodoo
it is on the official warmelons server XD

They look beautiful. I’ve always wanted a floating map so shit can fall. The open-skybox-itude extends to the full size of the hammer grid, right? Anyway, awesome, but any chance of a mirror? has slowed to about 2KB a second for me and it’s rather ridiculous.