Lara Corft - Tomb Raider 2013

Hello guys here to post my port of Lara Croft from the Square Enix game Tomb Raider (obviously).

Comes with two skingroups for dirty and damaged skin, fully poseable (face,eye, finger) tho you have to untick lock Axis for proper finger posing. [sp]You can pose her boobs too![/sp]

I contacted ninja and he said he gave up on Lara so I picked up, I had ported this in fact a long ago but never finished it (had to polish flexes and add eye posing and skingroups), she has no clavicle bones because by the time I didn’t realise its importance for a good pose, I may fix this in time, and also the fact that her collar has phy boxes, I may fix this tomorrow.


MIRROR (You still have to download extra materials btw)

ATTENTION! also download this:
or you’ll get only checkered on the model, I had to split the file because it is 195 mb big, so i couldn’t upload it on workshop.


Square Enix: For the superb game and model;
A guy from xnalara in wich I don’t remember the name: For rigging the model;
Squiddly: For fixing skingroups code on QC and for explaining it for me;
Me: For porting;

Enjoy! :wink:

can we get a mediafire download that includes the model and the textures, as well? It’d be easier for those of us who either don’t like the workshop or like using the Legacy Addons browser instead.

Good release, by the way.

There you have it
Why the heck I can’t edit the title? her name got derpy

i have this problem with my thread too, i changed the title of my thread 3 days ago and still, it didnt get updated… that´s strange. But when i edit the thread, it has the new title…

BTW nice job, it looks good

Yeah that sucks, and thanks!

Thank goodness there’s now a Garry’s Mod port. I don’t know how to make sex poses in SFM.

Well there are alot of users in Deviantart that rig Lara Croft for XnaLara. So I think you won’t have problems finding who did wat or wat was done by who. Since it was a common model to be rigged.

Also nice release, love Lara Croft and thanks for adding alternative link. :slight_smile:

There was already a nude model before my port.


Mistyping, I tried to fix. (at least the workshop name is right)