Lara Corft - Tomb Raider 2013

Hello guys here to post my port of Lara Croft from the Square Enix game Tomb Raider (obviously).

Comes with two skingroups for dirty and damaged skin, fully poseable (face,eye, finger) tho you have to untick lock Axis for proper finger posing. [sp]You can pose her boobs too![/sp]

I contacted ninja and he said he gave up on Lara so I picked up, I had ported this in fact a long ago but never finished it (had to polish flexes and add eye posing and skingroups), she has no clavicle bones because by the time I didn’t realise its importance for a good pose, I may fix this in time, and also the fact that her collar has phy boxes, I may fix this tomorrow.


ATTENTION! also download this:
or you’ll get only checkered on the model, I had to split the file because it is 195 mb big, so i couldn’t upload it on workshop.


Square Enix: For the superb game and model;
A guy from xnalara in wich I don’t remember the name: For rigging the model;
Squiddly: For fixing skingroups code on QC and for explaining it for me;
Me: For porting;

Enjoy! :wink:

Why’d you make a double post? :v:

Was unintentional :o please someone close this one!


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Am I stupid for just now noticing that…?

Can it be both?

Damn Is just a mistyping, the workshop link has the right name, and now I can’t fucking fix the title.

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Who gives a shit about Corft? Everybody read it as Croft anyway.

Great model dude, works just as well in Source Filmmaker! Your recent work is great.

Thanks a lot, all this time learning stuff has showed its fruits.

This is how it looks in SFM:

That looks good

Unless that is completely unscaled, of course. :v:

What do you mean with unscaled?

Lara is sexy, cool ragdolls

How can I see the materials on the model? I’ve downloaded both the materials and the model, but it’s not working.

I mean without applying a scale to the model… As in a SFM bone scale…

You know, not scaled. Unscaled. :v:

I only downscaled Godzilla so he would fit in her hand, Lara is original size.

I think you should reread my original post and realize it was a joke.