Lara Croft and the Harbinger of Doom

Full HD Size:

I thought I’d see the Reaper… but this is even better.

Really damn cool.

Impressive mang. You really do some classy scenebuilds.


Wher can i get the rock monster model?


the harbinger model is a scenebuild itself.
first i spawned a giant creature from duke nukem forever and posed it.
then i made it half transparent and put rails in it as a simple skeleton.
next step was to delete the model again and put lots and lots of rocks
and stones around the rails till it had it’s final form. deleted the rails,
put a resized metro 2033 skull as the head on it and filled the eyes with
two lights and put one big light into the monster itself for the inner glow.
done. :wink:

I love you and your work.

This is some high-class shit, my friend.

Lara Croft and the Shadow Of The Colossus.

yeah … actually it’s inspired by shadow of the collossus, castlevania: lords of shadow
and wrath of the titans. :slight_smile:

Remnds me of that Rck monster from…was it Galaxy Quest…?

fantastic idea!

This is just plain superb!

FIrst I read the title as “Lara Croft and the Hamburger of Doom”…what’s wrong with me

Holy shit man, thats amazing

Why did I think that when I came in here I’d see something very inappropriate.

I can still see her giant tits.

never mind.


wait for it