Lara croft from guardian of light

Hey i was wondering if anyone would be able to port lara croft from the game lara croft and the guardian of light
from the xbox 360 arcade game into a ragdoll
considering he did ports of underworld i would be great if fedge did it but if anyones willing to have a go
that would be great
here’s a link that shows a picture of her front to back


I actually requested the same thing not long ago and YoureFriendDoe did it for me. BUT the model wont appear at all when you try to spawn it. Here it is for anyone who wanna try it out and maybe fix it if they can:

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Awww SHOOT!!! The link wont work now…crap!

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Got that link from YoureFriendDoe

cheers for that i hope somehow we’ll find a better link and get that model fixed and running

I support this.