Lara Croft from underworld XNA Lara models

I’m no expert so I have no idea if this is possible or not to port into gmod, but I felt like maybe someone wanted to give it a try and I haven’t seen a heck alot of people ask for this so anyone up for the challenge? There are TONS of different Lara Croft and other models on these sites i’ve linked to at the end. Hope someone wanna give it a try.

all kinds of Lara models

Misc stuff and other characters

Found one that’s been done.

Yeah I’ve seen that one before but it is NOT a good model.

That’s a model from Legend, not Underworld. The Underworld ones are much nicer and higher-poly

Yeah they are. The underworld models on these links I posted has bones and stuff too if that’s to any help at all. Like I’ve said I am NO expert in how to port these but for someone it may be easy…or maybe not?

I see that about 250 people have looked at this thread, guess I am not all alone about this…or?

it’s a little weird this game it’s already released 2 years ago and no one tried to make a finger,face and eyeposable models from this game

I requested this for Roland a long time ago and he game me some files for her, but the thing wasn’t finished and I had requested for some one to finish her, but others were being lazy.


I’m sorry to point this out sir, but I’ve played the game and I’m pretty sure those are the ones from Underworld.

Found another one. Looks like the second one in the first link’s pics of Lara.

That’s an OK model, I’ve tried it before but it’s not from Underworld. And that model doesn’t have any face posing ( I know there is one out there which have…bikini Lara or something) or finger posing and her shoulders are WAY too wide! If you look at the links I posted you can see there is a BIG difference between those two models.

I have the models and crap or w/e so any one intrested in to getting her to gmod? I’m not sure on the skin or w/e, but Roland gave me the stuff if any one wants to do her. And no I didn’t mean “do her…” in the sexual way.

I managed to get one of her models compiled, but they all seem to be around the poly limit. I had to remove her backpack from this just to get it to compile.

I think I read somewhere about the compiler FakeFactory used to increase the poly limit, does anyone know anything about that?

What’s the current polycount?

In HLMV, its saying she’s at 25198.

Wow, that doesn’t seem worth it. Can you post a picture from wireframe mode or something? That just seems way too high for the model I’m looking at in that picture.

That’s kind of weird… Looks like her torso might be high poly for some reason though. The head and legs look normal.

I guess its all in the face.

And the hair. And to be honest, they used more tris for the boobs than was strictly necessary.

Does it have a normalmap aswell or did they just not bother with one?

I’m not sure about the models in the games, but the XNALara models have normalmaps and almost all other maps you can think of. Normalmaps, detailmaps, specular maps, some kinda lightmaps and so on.