Lara Croft

My miss Croft portrait. Posted on request.

Jesus christ why is the logo stretched

I mean the picture is decent albeit a bit boring but what did that poor logo do to you to deserve being stretched out like tanned leather

Wait did they use a noise filter on her face?

That’s like, literally one of the worst things you could do to a facemap in the texture process.

I liked it, I know everyone’s going to give you a fucking hard time compared to your other work but I’m going to ignore all that.

bloody hell these people are never satisfied I would have thought the lack of cleavage and minimalist clothing would have got you some points. granted the logo is a bit stretched vertically but the pic looks fine in my opinion

People are going to give a hard time because he made a thread for a picture that would barely even be worth posting in the “want to post a picture but don’t want to make a thread” thread. It’s a super basic and boring screenshot of a random model’s face with some horrible stretched text pasted over it. There’s nothing in it that would be worth posting anywhere.

back in my day this would be sitting at the bottom of someones screenshot folder never to be posted

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sitting there in shame

Hey,I have a screenshot of a model’s face as well! But…I didn’t make a thread for it.

What’s with that filter? Looks hideous.

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And that logo, man.

Rasti, it looks like you had a really dark image and boosted the contrast to compensate, hence the noise and some fucked lighting on her forehead. Severely under-average picture considering your usual fare, should probably post in the screenshot section more often.

At least she isn’t naked this time. . .

As far as we know.

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This is seriously sub par even for you Rasti. Didn’t need a thread at all.

If I wanted to milk for attention this would be what I would do.

Milk for attention? where? all I see is a portrait of Lara not his usual nuditylesbiansloppymakeouts

This picture actually could have been alright if the lighting and editing had been better.

He would become Rastifan.

Rastifan is not a man anymore. He’s like the Batman of erotica and suggestive poses. He’s an icon, his threads get infinite replies in any situation.

Being loved or hated on FP does not in any way classify as an icon. Really! The real 3D community have never heard of FP or Gmod.
To be an icon you need to do something important in some way, and with some impact in the said field. To upset a few FP members who can’t handle some nude skin hardly qualify:quagmire:

Listen to Quagmire.

Rastifan i tend to stay away from posting in your threads because really, It’s none of my business. But this is a really half assed, unappealing picture. As for all your posts as of late you can’t seem to figure out you’re being a real creep. There’s a fine line between tasteful and artistic nudity and being a fucking creep and you’ve dived so far down the creep side you can’t rationalize what any regular, sexually secure person is saying. If you were to show some of your poses to a girl or your family I’m pretty sure they’d think it’s creepy. I don’t mind nudity in images but when it’s tasteful and makes sense. Not when it’s there for the pure sake of being super sexy. So please Rastifan, On behave of the entire section please stop being a fucking creep who defends his creepiness.

You know what i love about all your posts?

Your inability to actually defend yourself, so you just spout inane bullshit to try and confuse people.

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Also, god damn, its not the nude or suggestive or ‘sexy’ models that are the problem, its shit like you not knowing what statutory rape is when a person tries to get someone to do a sexual action via intoxication, or how you lack originality so everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, you do, involves the pose being based around “lol lesbians”, and only “lol lesbians”, except for stuff like this, which really doesnt deserve its own thread.

lmao you’re a fucking joke dude

The nudity isn’t the issue at all, the fact that you make half assed pictures 90% of the time is the issue.

I’ll make a pose based around nudity tomorrow, the only difference between mine and yours will be quality.