Large Clans

I have been running my server for some time now and i have found there are a lot of large clans that live to come on and raid but when the rest of the server gangs up and raids them well thy are sleeping thy move on i find this funny if you can not take what you give you should not play a game like this lol.
Here is a list of some clans that have done this on my server. Note thy are aus/nz clans.


“ROCKS”…I can imagine this logo.

Your first sentence was such a run on that I had trouble understanding what you were saying.

I had no problems. :v:
But yeah, it sounds kinda uncommon.

The server I play on had an issue with a large group of Russians that would raid everyone and they would pick you off from a mile away with the rifles while they were in large groups.

I promptly built a small stash of C-4 slowly, tracked down their base, blew a hole in their wall while they were offline, only to find out that they built a huge open floorplan base. I promptly looted everything in multiple trips, walled the hell out of their base, and destroyed all of their sleeping bags/furnaces.

Keep in mind these guys did the same to other people that were not in any way hostile, so I felt zero remorse.

After that they rebuilt in a different location and I tracked them down and repeated my demo work, they haven’t logged on since.

The only way to deal with cowards/groups is to make them realize they’re just as vulnerable as you are.