Large Maps that used to load fine either are slow in-game or crash.

[SUB]Look up (at the thread name) for the problem.[/SUB]

Maps like c1m1_cleanup crash when the loading screen gets to “Loading resources”.

Maps like aoc_tournament lag like hell.

Also, the maps work fine in their normal games.

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I tried reinstalling c1m1_cleanup, but it crashes.

It works fine in L4D2 ,well, c1m1_normalL4Dzombieseverywhere for that matter, but that has even more stuff.

And aoc_tornament works fine, now Gm_Apehouse_Day/Night/Sunset lags, and stops lagging when I look down, or look towards the hole in the basement.

I think it may be the atmos addon… I’ll try disabling it.

It’s not the atmos addon.