Large outer wall decays to fast

It degrades just to fast for a single player to uphold.
I login twice a day and have to fix each wall for at least 100 points a day, and if I login once a day, this is 300 points per wall per day, and if I logged in early the previous day, and late the next, it will be 500-600 decay per wall.
I have 2 bases, 1 large base with a large wall around a yard and a wall surrounding my tower, + ~20 walls.
And I have a smaller base with refinery directly next to the airport, + ~10 walls.
So on average let’s say I have to deal with 200 decay per wall per day x 30 walls = 6000 decay. This translate into ~2k stone a day just to keep my walls. I come to play, not for chores.
*actually… I just log in after having logged in last night and it’s 400 decay per wall .

Yesh - i prefer Foundation walls for the moment until they re adjust longer to build but easier to maintain.

I dare say walls have a strong decay rate much like the Pumpkin Cull of this latest update… probably find walls being quite High per unit on every server. (just an assumption) but one could see it being quite demanding on the server since everyone builds bulk walls.

Well tbh 2000 stone is like only 10 minutes time to farm a few nodes so i dont see why your complaining about it so much

Lol… 1. this is the first time I mention it after having upheld it for almost a month, so i would not call that complaining a lot, it’s feedback, based on experience, and 2. Games need to have nice mechanics in order to be an enjoyable game. This high decay rate, is a drag. 3. I basically live in an orefield by myself and still find myself frequently in lack of ores due to other people having traveled to my cornor in the world and emptied it. 4. Even if it would have always been easy to get ores, then I would need to mine 3 - 4 ores, then hammer all walls of both bases every day, on top of what I really wanted to do, … they are chores and it’s just a drag even if it would indeed be easy.

Walls need this decay, they really do.

If it wasn’t for the decay as it is, people would be stacking them 5 deep all the way around their shitty little bases.

If you jump on to weekly wipe servers high externals are already a big problem there as you don’t need to worry about maintaining them as much.

My recommendation would be to make them both weaker and cheaper. 8 c4 or 16 rockets to go through just one is kinda bullshit… No wonder people wait until you log out before picking through them.

Ok, I can kinda see the problem of that in weekly wiped servers.
But I do think that something needs to be done. I consider myself a no-life-level of gamer, and if I still have a hard time maintaining my high walls, then so does every other single player. I just logged in tonight and worked for about an hour to get my walls from 950-2000 in my smaller base. It took about 9 ores in a high danger area(near airfield). If I will login tomorrow and spawn in my main base, then those walls will be around 1400 and it will take me another hour of grinding before i can start to play.

I wouldn’t mind them being more expensive… hack… make them 10 times as expensive… still wont mind, I have actually been thinking of using something else as walls, maybe quarries if you can place them close together (can’t find creative server that allowes me to test this though).
or maybe just a big row of shelved large chests, that should be around 1000 defense per shelve, and no decay.