Large Project needs Modeller - RPG (role playing game) themes


We’re building a project to put RPG video game elements into garrysmod, either in the form of a gamemode or a few clientside scripts that let you level up abilities.

We are in need of a modeller to create a set of various models of particular styles maintaining a consistent theme. Little to no experience is required, and discretion is left to the modeller what parts of the project to take or not to take.

Please respond if you are interested, with an image of a sword you have modelled based around the themes “RPG”, “Cliche” and “Classic”

you may want to try another website with a larger modeling community.

2 MAN I am ready to work

Depending on the quality wanted, the request isn’t unreasonable for Facepunch at all and you’ll probably have better luck asking people who spend their time on content specifically for Garry’s Mod than those who mod other games and know nothing about Source / GMod. Not only that, but if it’s just a private little gamemode or something that isn’t going to be mass distributed / sold then even half-assed ports from other RPGs will probably suffice.

You should probably refrain from posting your e-mail here unless you like spam, especially without “censoring” it from bots. I’d recommend just sending it to him in a private message (or just adding him on steam or something).