Large set of texture resources sites.

So I was browsing AeTuts, and i stumbled upon this. It is 44 different texture sites that are completely free, both in royalty and in price.
So knock yourself out and make some awesome maps with custom textures!

I still miss CGtextures. They had a great database, and the images were so good you just fixed 'em up a bit with the healing tool and they were perfect for anything.

wait wait back the fuck up, cgtextures is down?


register? for just 15mb?


well I guess I’m going to have to keep very careful track of the few that I dl’d before. mostly the tile, wood, and threadplate textures.


CGtextures is still around, but you can only download up to 15mb a day with a registered account to stop an idiot that way costing the guy quite a lot of cash. ? I find it very useful.

The registration there is so easy you don’t even have to log in. For some reason it still doesn’t let me use the (members only) textures, despite being logged in.

You used to be able to download 15MB/ IP address, now it’s 15MB/ account.

Paying members only textures is what it should read. I’m on casual speaking terms with the guy who runs the site, if you contribute some textures he’ll give you a free paid membership.