Large spiked walls - Is this intended?

Long story short at the moment you can hatchet / pick axe large spiked walls in less hits than a wood door takes. (Didn’t test small)

For 200 wood at the moment they aren’t worth what they are made from!

I thought it required C4 or decay to kill these but this is not the case ATM.

Intended or bug?


The rate at which these decay is also quick!

Is it possible to get an answer on this from a dev? From my understanding these spike walls were put in to help stop foundations being put next to your base unless the people were happy to waste C4 destroying the spikes…

At their current state spike walls are merely nothing more than a decoration.

Yeah. They do decay pretty quickly at the moment which makes maintenance a chore with 3 million of them spread around your base.

I think they should change it slightly, but at the same time make available metal spiked walls that you can’t hatchet down but can c4. Just my thought.

buff the spike walls a bit or make them cheaper i reckon

Make them be able to resist more than what is right now, and also make them decay less longer. Done.

As it stands ,this was meant to be another way to stop people building on the side of your bases ,but due to the durability of these it doesn’t achieve this.
It’s a shame ,as these die easily,don’t hurt alot and require alot of maintenance ,and at 200 wood aren’t cheap…
Need to be made tougher

Make them tougher, not cheaper.

Cheaper and they would be spammed quite a lot. (If they dropped to 100 wood each, you could easily make quite a lot to grief with)

i think thats the best idea. agreed

I do find them somewhat pointless. Too easily destroyed. Also, I can jump over the small ones.

Everytime i see this man he has good ideas.