Large storage vs small storage on base destruction

Why do small storage boxes remain in mid air on base destruction but large storage boxes don’t?

I would prefer that all items be floating until physically destroyed. This includes a destroy option for cupboards if authorized.

This way if someone takes down your multi level base by taking out the foundation the key items remain floating and out of reach. Destruction of items should only be allowed through direct access to the item and with the correct tool.

Disagree with this. If you’re too lazy to work your way through a base then you don’t deserve the loot.

besides, that leaves argument for cupboards, sleeping bags etc to remain in place too.

nah, imo if the building is wrecked, everything in it should go too.

I was assuming by now that all loot is is kept on upper levels as well as cupboard. I was proposing a method of near impossible retrieval if you take the lazy way. Those keeping loot on first level would be subject to the lazy raid.