Large table encoding issues

I have successfully used glon in the past to encode small tables and save them to an sql server. Now when trying to encode large tables to save to an sql, the glon seems to overload/cause function encrypt errors. I understand that glon cannot encode functions of entities (i have a way around that), but is there an alternate binary module encoder that can support large tables?

How big exactly is the table?

Im taking all the entities that the player owns and inserting the ents tables into one large table and then trying to encode it into a string to be saved in a mysql server. Therefore when the player comes back, all his belongings can be respawned just like gmod tower.

Instead of inserting tables though GLON encoded strings, why not use SQL’s native ability (tables) to save your data :v:

I’ve tried in the past and garysmod gave me the error “attempt to concatenate global ‘ENTS’ (a table value)”. Should i take out the values individually and save them each into their own column?

You don’t understand my point :eng99:

Srry, im a bit off today…try explaining again plz.

He means instead encoding it to a string split the table up and save each to its own MySQL table.(If Im right.)

I had made a huge post about this once before, but I can’t find it.

Learn SQL and how to apply it, and then you will understand.

I can’t be bothered rewriting what I’ve already written.