Large Wood Storage Despawned

I connected to the server I usually play on today, and after walking around my base for a bit, I felt that something was off. A large wood storage on the bottom level of my base was gone. I checked every other room in my base, and discovered that other storage boxes were also missing. The boxes which didn’t disappear still had everything in them that was there previously. My base was intact: no walls or doors were missing. I realized that I wasn’t raided. I reset the decay on my base every day by logging on and opening a door, so I’m sure that the storage boxes didn’t decay. I equipped some wood in my hotbar and came up to one of the crates that was left and clocked the corresponding number, and nothing popped up, meaning that it didn’t even start decaying. I’m really puzzled about this, and a bit upset because I lost 3 stacks of low quality metal, 4 stacks of planks, innumerable wood building parts, 2 sets of kevlar, countless weapons and ammo, etc… Has this happened to anyone else, and does anyone know why this happened? Any info would be really helpful, thanks.

Maybe someone tried to raid you but failed? I noticed that when placing C4 on one wall sometimes another wall or box behind the wall gets destroyed instead of the targetted wall

Hmm… I doubt it. I built a base similar to the one with the “unraidable” design, but with an extra layer of foundations and pillars on the outside. I actually know of one way to raid my base. Building up doesn’t work. Also, the only way to raid is to blow through the walls on the bottom floor, which is two levels above the ground. I have some crates missing on upper floors that weren’t near the windows. I don’t think there was a raid attempt, to be honest.

No clue then mate, srreh