Large Wooden Storage disappearing

Are Large Wooden Storage boxes supposed to decay or be destroyable? I logged on to a server to find two of them not empty but completely despawned, along with a workbench. I didn’t think they could be destroyed, and none of the metal doors in the room were gone, but I might just be mistaken. There were a couple of wooden doors placed around outside but otherwise everything was as it was left. Curious what could’ve actually happened. This was on the US 2 PVE server.

If there wasn’t any way into the house and all the metal doors were there, then it could just be a noclipper fucking around.

As far as I’m aware, storage boxes do decay, as in they get darker, but I’ve never seen them despawn from it.

I climbed in through your roof and destroyed them

Did you happen to have them sitting on dirt inside of your house? I’ve noticed that the dirt will make it decay and disappear quicker (my theory anyway.)