Larger Abandoned Cities/Towns In The Future?

I’d personally like to see 1 or 2 big cities or towns introduced into the game later down the road. Im tired of people camping these really small rad towns and building metal bases in the hanger. I’d like to see a big city or two that actually allows you to get some loot without the whole place being blocked off. Also putting zombies/future creatures in there to would be nice to increase the risk/reward factor.

As i hear,Garry is working on an other Map.But i have no idea when he finish it.

Few month ago,i played the Game ,7 days to die, and their are 2 very big citys.
I agree with you that it would be nice to make a big City.

i heard they are not going to have cities and also are getting rid of zombies in the future, Garry wants the players to build the cities and create the world.

Do you have any Links about that?I mean that Garry wants that we build the Citys?Cause i like the idea

Build a city with a 2day decay timer lol okay.

It was a interview with garry I have to find the link, he also wants players to create gas stations for when they release cars too. And the map will be barren so players build the world.

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I also don’t know how they will deal with that have to wait and see.

Garry has said he wants to remove all buildings like those to where it is just buildings that people create. Which I will personally like better so that no one is just camping in the place for ever…