Larger map plus a Craftable Map?

I’ve been getting frustrated with amount of KOS recently since pretty much every bandit in the game has an M4 and full kevlar armor, so it made think about what if the map could be increased in size? I know the maps already huge, but what I mean is to make resource spawning (rocks, wood) spread even further out onto the map. This would cause less killing of new spawns plus a better chance for newer people too actually get a better idea of what Rust ACTUALLY is. With that in mind, a map should be added to show where the lootable areas with Radiation are and where the high populated ares are. Plus maybe even marking places on a map would be helpful so you could mark down where your house is and navigate easily throughout the map.

KeZ349 why would u disagree this is what is needed

Probably because part of survival is that you don’t have a map of everything.

Just use landmarks like everyone else.

I disagree, i like the “hardcore” gameplay of the game and the feel of real survival. I like how you have to find landmarks (or make your own) around the map to navigate and get where you want to be, though i must say that a bigger map would be a good idea. Oh and about what you said on new players, the game i ACTUALLY all about PVP therefor i like how to keeps casual players on NON-PVP servers.

or you could just play on the pve server to learn…

Oh please, a map in this game would break the core survival gameplay this game has to offer.
It’s really fun to try making landmarks with your friends. Once you know them, no one needs a map.

Im talking about expanding the map…

this game is for ALPHA Testers to debug , not for Babies to cry about how or what the developers push so they can decide whats overpowered or whats not the way they want it. If they choose no maps then they did it for a reason. When they decide if there will be maps then they will implement it, or NOT. Everyones running around on foot. Yet i see people with Vehicles in the game as well. Is that not overpowered? You cant shoot them while they are in the car. and shotgun blasts take out walls with 3 shots. If they dont take the door down they take out a wall and thier in. There is alot of stuff that needs work on and I for 1 am enjoying seeing all the changes as they come. STOP complaining , play the game as it is and use the forums to post BUGS not BABIES…

You cant even see what op is propising. Hes just saying animal and node spawns should be spread further into map. Unlike now, when they spawn almost only near the road.