larger map/server cap/control spawning

After playing Rust for the last couple of days I have found it unplayable when there is 80+ players because you always end up getting spawned killed and you tend to make contact with other players a lot, mostly with players who just spawn and end up attacking you or areas with clan members.

I know that we are currently play on a small portion of the map so maybe opening up other areas of the map with resources would solve the problem, if not put a cap on the server as we only spawn and play in one part of the map. by capping the sever it would give same experience as we would if the game was played on the full map I know that it would be annoying as some people brought the keys and can only get on the server at certain times but in my view it far better then getting annoyed while playing the game to the point where you end up not wanting to play Rust at all.

It maybe a good idea in the future to control where players spawn when they do a random respawn or when they start/join the server for the first time by respawning them in a low population area.

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Protip: Don’t charge at people with guns only if you have a rock. Making friends doesn’t work that way.

find a wood pile or two, make a shelter with a door, continue from there.

First you gotta make a shelter, second a fire, 3rd tons of resources, then start creating a better house, it will make people see that your a profitable ally/neighbor to befriend, should get everything goin after that, although the way i found my Rust Group was i spawned, then i ran forward, met a guy named Dwight and he just gave me some tips and then told me to make a shelter around there group, soon after i got whispered their teamspeak and boom, ive been a rust “Pro”(lol) ever since.

Its about player interaction. Sure its alot when you have over 80 people playing.

You mentioned new spawns and that they are risky aswell as clans. Well you only have those types of players.
The “new spawn” that doesnt really have anything to loose. Or people that organisate with other player.
Inbetween you got the lone wolf but even he is doomed to communicate with the players around him.

When you set up a camp and start to live in a area the first thing todo and its a ongoing task is to differ from the people that live in your area and people that raiding it or just passing/spawning there.

For example when you hear gunshots from a house near you. Wait for the other day and walk over with nothing then your stone, or whatever you might risk to loose. Ask with VOIP if anything is allright and who was raiding them the other day. When you stay alive this was your first step into creating a neighborhood.

To get started after a fULL wipe, i just do whatever killing zombies, whenver you can craft guns, ammo, metal doors its time to settle dowm…

It ok giving tips on how to start and also recover from a complete loss, but it useless in a situation where clans/groups control the resource zones which makes getting to wood piles near impossible whichs means building shelters can be difficult to do as well as gathering enough resources to allow you to defend yourself.

Then you must also group or find another area.

Can people knock down your door? people seem to say that shelter with a door will keep you safe, but from what i’ve seen people can hatchet down a door?

Lul. Your talking BS and you know it. Many times i have been minding my own business and some guy with a gun has come up to me KNOWING that i am a FS.

As I have said finding another area and using it is impossible because clans control the resource zones which means that the other areas dont have any animals nor enough wood to get started.

I have tried finding group (did find one nice player once) but you know from playing the game that it hard to do.

Hah, gave me a good laugh. Then a cough because i’m sick.