Largest Fillable Foundation Area

I’ve been looking for a place that offers me a large fillable foundation area. I.e: 20x30, 20x40.

I’ve found a few spots where I can get 8x30 and even a 13x12, I haven’t found anything that would offer a long space though. Anyone else been able to find a space where you can fill in an entire foundation of as big or bigger sizes?

Hacker Valley is the flattest land there is.

I think you can get a large area around tanks… i’m not sure how big that is though i seen someone build around that whole tanks radiation area and make it high enough they are out of rad zone

I’ll have to check tanks out. I’d rather make it off in a far away place though so I can have time to build without impeding others.

maybe try a server with 0/50 people on it for testing purposes…

I should have been more clear, I apologize. I’m the admin, server usually has anywhere from 30-90 people on it. I don’t want to impede the players while I’m constructing if I can help it. If I have to use tanks, I will but I would prefer to use a more out of the way place. Sorry again for the ambiguity of my post

if you use tanks that would suck for alot of people that go there to farm zombies and crates

Would suggest the areas just north of ballzack valley and portugal, over the mountains where things stop spawning. There’s untapped potential out there. I’ve still not come across anything I could a 20x20 being possible within the playable map, though with each wipe I’m finding larger and larger plots. East ballzack valley was my last home and I currently have an 11x11 in next valley.

Hacker Valley Middle would be your best bet.

Agree ^

Theres some ridiculously flat area in the eastern sidr if beach mountain tho. A little inset valley

I will scope it out tonight and check back with my results.

well i know a place with unbeliveble flat ground, its under the wather, with admin godmode you can go there and yes it is possible to build there, there is even grass (why?) but for the normal player the recouce vally (or hacker vally) is the most recommended place if u ask me

Why not use a rust creative server?
I found one here that I use for practicing all my builds
just do /starter and you get 250 of every metal building part + much much more